In early spring of 2007 I decided to quit my job, sell my house along with nearly everything else that I owned, and to live out of my car while traveling the country. These are my stories (and pictures) of life on the road.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It's been fun seeing friends and having people to hang out with since being home and I'm glad I made it back before Halloween. The day after I returned home I headed over to Spirit Lake for a Halloween party at my friend Joe's place. He's got a great group of friends who always come up with some incredible costumes and are always a blast to hang out with. Plus it's a pot luck type of deal with snacks so there's always TONS to eat. Since I'd just gotten back the day before I didn't feel like finding a costume so I had to be the party pooper. Actually, I tried to tell them that I dressed up as someone that had a job, I mean after all, I did take a shower and put on a clean shirt that day...which is more then I could say for the whole last week. Sarah said I still looked like a bum though.

Last night Sarah, Joren, and I all headed over to Spencer to see a play, The Woman in Black. Unfortunately they didn't have a real big turn out but it was a good show and we had fun. I still hadn't found myself a costume and Joren was kind enough to offer the use of his Roman gladiator costume. I tried it on when we got to the theatre but found it was pretty short and the only way to keep my underwear from showing would be to take them off, which would have led to a host of other problems. Thankfully Joren and Sarah were dressed up though and their costumes were good enough to make up for the lack of mine. They even took 1st and 2nd place in the costume contest at the theatre! Sarah won four free tickets and Joren one six blank pieces of paper.

Even though it was a Wednesday night none of us were ready to go home yet. We were having a great time in the car on the drive back and when we hit Spirit Lake for whatever reason we thought it was be a good idea to hit the strip club. Neither Sarah or I had ever been to a strip club before and Joren hadn't in a loooong time. We were all a little hesitant and none of us really wanted to see naked women dancing around but we thought it would be fun anyway. It gotta say it was kind of weird walking in with a scarecrow on one side and a nun on the other.

Apparently the fact that it was a Wednesday over ruled the fact that it was Halloween because the place was dead. There was only a handful of people milling about and not many seemed too interested in what was going on onstage. The women on stage weren't very attractive and didn't have much stage presence. They were all wearing the same super high heeled clear plastic shoes with flashing lights inside them and most of them could hardly walk in them. Any sexiness of the shoes was offset (and then some) by watching the women clumsily move around while holding onto the wall to keep from falling over. I have a hard time seeing what's supposed to be so erotic about the whole thing. Not that I'd built up any great mystique about strip clubs in my head but any that I did have were wiped clean soon after walking in the door. I had to keep on eye on Joren since he kept saying he was going to buy me a lap dance. I think I finally convinced him that I wasn't just saying I didn't want a lap dance but that I really didn't want one. Still, it was fun. We had a couple drinks and played a couple games of pool before moving onto another bar for a couple more games of pool.

Sarah was driving by this point and I was surprised when she suddenly took a turn and pulled us up in front of the other strip club in the area. By this point all our inhibitions were out the window and I think we all felt pretty good about hitting two strip clubs in one evening. We were curious to see if there was a difference in the clientele or the dancers. When we walked in we found even fewer people in this club. Besides one guy and gal shooting pool I think we were the only ones there. I'm pretty sure the gal he was shooting pool was one of the strippers too. My tip off was that as we made our way to the dart board she walked past Joren and I while saying, “hey, you guys are cuuute”. I've never heard that from a strange woman before so I can only assume she wanted money.

After about 5 minutes we gave up trying to figure out how to set up multiple players on the dart board and just started taking turns chucking darts at it. The strippers were no dummies; they realized they weren't going to get any money out of us or anyone else in the club so they just sat around. I will say that they were better looking then the strippers at the other club, but maybe that's just because they had their clothes on.

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