In early spring of 2007 I decided to quit my job, sell my house along with nearly everything else that I owned, and to live out of my car while traveling the country. These are my stories (and pictures) of life on the road.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Only a few days left

Well, time is getting short and the list of things to do before I leave is getting smaller. I decided to give up on trying to finish my house by the time I leave and am just going to sell it the way it is. There are just too many little things that would take up too much time. I'd rather relax a little and enjoy my last few days here instead of working like mad to try and get my house done. I'm more then willing to get less money for the house in trade for peace of mind.

The moving sale was yesterday and the house is pretty much empty now. The only piece of furniture left is a folding camp chair and last night I slept on the floor with my Thermarest and sleeping bag. I've still got some misc. stuff to move out of the house and I need to pack but there isn't really anything big that I need to do before I leave. I'm planning on mostly finishing up the house today, preparing for the trip on Monday and Tuesday, and then leaving on Wednesday. I think that should be very doable and it will give me a week to get to Hayden, Idaho (by way of Denver where I need to drop off a kayak) for my first job.

Friday was my last day of work and for the first time since I was about 14 I can say that I'm unemployed. Kinda weird but it feels pretty good.

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