In early spring of 2007 I decided to quit my job, sell my house along with nearly everything else that I owned, and to live out of my car while traveling the country. These are my stories (and pictures) of life on the road.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sauteed crow

It would seem that I owe the northern Idahoians (or whatever they're called) an apology. Tonight was a lovely Thursday evening and I drove out to Lake Fernan. This is the same lake that I drove past last Friday night (the beginning of Memorial Day weekend) which brought up my little rant on how it takes a long weekend to pry people out of their houses and into the great outdoors and how people don't get out to appreciate nature on regular 2 day weekends. I said that the same weather, either the weekend before or after, wouldn't bring out even half as many people.

Well, I have to eat a little crow because I was really surprised how many people were fishing along the banks of the lake or were out on the water boating or fishing; and this was a Thursday! The later it got in the evening the more people showed up. So consider this my official apology...I'm sorry. They must have all read my blog and it motivated them!

My reason for going to Lake Fernan tonight was because I was invited to come along on a group outing sponsored by a local kayaking club (which about 25 or so people showed up for). This was the first time I'd ever gotten together with a group of kayakers for a paddle. Of course I showed up late and by the time I got there everyone was already in the water and ready to take off. I must say that it felt really weird at first. There was a leader and everyone just piled up behind her as she started paddling around the lake. So here was this huge mob of people in kayaks out to “commune” with nature; it kinda seemed to defeat the purpose and I was wishing I was out by myself instead. But as we paddled on a little farther everybody started to string out a little and conversations were struck up. Questions were asked and answered about each others boats and people got to know one another a little better; it actually turned out to be a pretty good time and I'm really glad I went.

Thanks for the invite, Janna


debbieuu said...

I'm glad you're meeting new people.

I hope you don't mind a bit of grammatical critiquing from your mom:

"weather" refers to atmospheric conditions, otherwise use "whether"

"their" is possessive, as in "the people got in their kayaks." Otherwise use "there," as in "there was a leader"

Sorry, I couldn't help myself! You're doing an absolutely fantastic job with your blog. There are many people reading it, whether they leave comments or not.

Alan said...

Thanks for the grammar lesson. I'm aware of both of them but still find that if I start typing without thinking I tend to reverse them. For whatever reason my brain automatically just types "their" every time now and I have to watch out for it. I'll go back and fix them just for you. :)

Alan said...

OK, so you got me on the "their" but "weather" was used correctly; unless you're referring to another post.

debbieuu said...

I still think "weather" should be "whether" on this post.

Mark Frazer said...

Hey Alan, love your blog.
Your kayaking reminds me of when I almost killed myself on accident. Me and a buddy took a 15 day trip out west, and while in montana/idaho I bought a used kayak and all the gear, and taught myself how to whitewater the rapids (didn't even need the internet). We set in the river at a small dam outlet, and I didn't know there was an undercurrent. I had no business being in that water. I fipped over, and didn't know how to roll back over. My sandles/feet were wedged in the boat, and I paniced trying to get out while upsidedown. $600 bucks to almost die. Never got back in it.
Have fun!

mejaka said...

Alan, glad you could come. Group paddling is a different experience altogether than solo or duo outings, but it gives one a chance to get a lot of information about a new area.

Debbie-Alan's-Mom, you've got a great kid (sorry, Alan, but you're always "kids" to us). We enjoyed his company here. BTW, I'm an English teacher as well. :^ )

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