In early spring of 2007 I decided to quit my job, sell my house along with nearly everything else that I owned, and to live out of my car while traveling the country. These are my stories (and pictures) of life on the road.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Workin' the week away

There's not a whole lot to tell about the last couple days. I've been splitting my time working between two shops in Portland. It's been a couple week since I've had anything to do during the day other then just putz around and it feels kinda good to actually be doing something (and earning money for a change instead of spending it). Still, I'm glad tomorrow is friday and I'm looking forward to seeing some more of Portland this weekend. I haven't taken very many pictures of Portland but I hope the mood strikes and that I'll change that this weekend.

My knee is S-L-O-W-L-Y improving but it's still very swollen, stiff, and sore. My right leg is taking much of the brunt since it now has to do all the lifting and it supports all my weight when I'm just standing. It's getting pretty sore from the odd gate that I've developed. I have an appointment to see a joint specialist in Bellevue Washington that came highly recommended by someone I know from the area. I'm anticipating that they'll find some torn ligaments and that it will require surgery to fix it. I just hope that if that's the case that the knee will mend enough on its own this summer to allow me to do most everything I want and that I can have surgery during the winter. Who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and I won't need any surgery; that would make me very happy.

More stories and pictures to come in the next day or two....I promise!


mejaka said...

Don't know how you feel about books in general, Alan, but it's almost a sin to visit Portland and not go to Powell's. If nobody's mentioned it yet, ask.

Alan said...

Hi Janna,

A few people have mentioned Powell's to me and I'll have to make a point to get there before I leave. Hopefully I can restrain myself from buying anything since I don't have any extra room in my car.

You've reached the end of the page but that's not the end of the stories. If you want to read more (and who wouldn't!?) then click on the archive links to the right hand side of the page. They're listed by month; the adventure starts in May.

The February archives aren't actually from this trip but are previous adventures I've had, which are worth reading as well.